Our recreational facilities are totally pre-manufactured upon delivery. A gravel perimeter beam is suitable for a foundation, with a water and sewer connection. All plumbing is pre-plumbed and all electrical is pre-wired.      

  • Restrooms and Shower Buildings
  • Concession and Vending Buildings
  • Field Offices
  • Secure Storage Buildings
  • Multi-Use Sports Facilities
  • Tornado Shelters
  • Weight Rooms
  • Lawnmower Storage
  • Changing Rooms
  • Family Comfort Stations

  Our number one priority is quality. If you are new to precast, or if you have tried precast in the past, we will do everything in our power to assure you a smooth procurement, and a great looking facility that will last for years to come.

  • Custom Floor Plans and Sizes
  • Solid Concrete Structure
  • Fast-Track Construction
  • Minimal Site Disruption
  • Single or Multi-Module Design
  • Custom Exterior/Interior Finishes
  • Storm Resistant
  • Seismic Rated
  • UL-752 Level 4 Bulletproof
  • Low Maintenance
  • 50+ Year Life Cycle Structure
  • High Security
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • 150 mph Wind Load Available
  • China, Solid Surface & Stainless Fixtures Available
  • ADA Compliant Designs
  • Complete Washroom Accessory Options
  • Complete Concession Areas with Sinks, Receptacles, HVAC and Vending Windows
  • Various Climate Control Options Available
  • Vandal Resistant & Security Options
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14' x 36' Restroom & Concessions
14' x 36' Restroom & Concession Building - 1436 Concession Model
24' x 28' Restroom w/Custom Privacy Walls - Custom Model
12' x 34' Restroom
12' x 34' Restroom - Perdido Model w Cost-Saving Low Profile Roof
  Let Modular Connections provide you with your next restroom, shower, concession or storage facility. We can provide all the assistance needed from design to delivery. Our experienced team will provide approval drawings, let you choose between multiple accessories and set up shipping and delivery.
  With numerous architectural exterior finishes and countless colors, you can design your own building from the inside out. We only use the highest quality materials so you can be sure that the options you choose will turn out great. Give us a call today to start designing your next facility, or choose from our variety of pre-designed models. 
And remember to always SPECIFY NPCA CERTIFICATION to ensure you recieve the level of quality you are expecting in a bid.

Parks & Recreation 
10' x 18' Restroom with Porch - 1018 Model with Split-Faced Block
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12' x 18' Restroom with Vestibule
  • 8' X 10' (Single Occupancy, ADA, Unisex, Utility/Storage Area)
  • 8' x 18' (Single Occupancy, ADA, Men's & Women's, Utility/Storage Area)
  • 10' x 18' (Single Occupancy, ADA, Men's & Women's, Utility/Storage Area, Front Covered Porch)
  • 12' x 18' (Single Occupancy, ADA, Men's & Women's, Utility/Storage Area, Front Covered Vestibule)
  • 12' x 24' (Double Occupancy, ADA, Men's & Women's, Utility/Storage Area)
  • 14' x 24' (Double Occupancy, ADA, Men's & Women's, Utility Storage Area, FL Code Lavatory in ADA Stalls)
  • 14' x 24' (Double Occupancy, ADA, Men's & Women's, Utility/Storage Area, Dual Lavatories)
  • 14' x 36' (Double Occupancy, ADA, Men's & Women's, Utility/Storage Area & Concession Area with Two Serving Windows)
  • 18' x 23' (Triple Occupancy, ADA, Men's & Women's, Utility/Storage Area, Dual Lavatories)
  • 18' x 23' (Dual Occupancy, ADA, Men's & Women's, Shower, Utility/Storage Area)
  • 23' x 32' (Triple Occupancy, ADA, Men's & Women's, Concession Area with Serving Window & Storage Room, Utility/Storage Area)
  • 24' x 36' (Eight Occupancy, Family-Style Shower House & Restroom with Two ADA Rooms, Utility/Storage Area)

Call for More Models. 

Plans and Specs Available Upon Request. 

Custom Plans Available.

All Plans ADA Compliant.

Meets and Exceeds:

International Building Code 2006

International Plumbing Code 2006

National Electrical Code 2008

Local Code Compliant

Roof Snow Load: 250psf

150mph Wind Load, Wind Exposure C

Bulletproof to 30.06 Rifle from 15 feet per UL-752 Level 4

Seismic Group 1 E 

2-Hour Fire Rating per UBC

NPCA Certified Plant 

NPCA Member

MBI Member

10' x 18' Restroom with Porch - 4" Ship Lap Wood Texture
ADA & Vandal Resistant Interior Options